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ISOMIX MECHANIC is a high strength, fiber-reinforced cement-based repair mortar. It contains high strength cement, special resins, fibers and additives, which offer excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces. It protects concrete elements from corrosion, offers water resistance and has excellent adhesive strength and workability. It is suitable for interior and exterior use for layers up to 3cm thick.

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  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent anti-corrosive protection
  • Low water penetration
  • Volume stability
  • Excellent workability
  • Exterior and interior use


  • Demanding repairs of concrete elements.
  • Repair of irregularities on a concrete surface after demolding.
  • Restoration and repairs of broken edges, holes and ornaments on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Restoration of broken edges on balconies, staircases, pillars, wells, drains and tunnels.
  • Suitable for layers up to 30 mm thick.

Substrate preparation:

  1. Substrates must be clean, free of oily residues, loose materials, dust etc.
  2. Dampening of the substrate before application is necessary.
  3. Remove rust from reinforcements and follow with rust primer application.

Mixing instructions:

  1. Add 4 - 4,5 kg of water in a clean bucket and gradually under constant stirring add 25kg of ISOMIX MECHANIC.
  2. Using a low-speed electrical mixer (or concrete mixer) stir well till a uniform tight mass appropriate for repair work is formed.


  1. The mixture should be applied (pressed) on the surface with a trowel or gunning device at the desired thickness, up to 30 mm per layer.
  2. The working time of the mixture is 2 hours. Periodical stirring is advised while avoiding the addition of more water.
  3. If a second layer is required, it is advisable to roughen the first layer in order to achieve better adhesion.


  • The final surface should be protected from rapid dehydration especially at high temperatures. Repeated dampening is recommended for 48 hours, covering the treated surface with wet clothes or polyethylene sheets.
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