Swan velatura aqua

SWAN VELATURA AQUA is a fast-drying acrylic waterbased undercoat suitable for exterior and interior use. It provides a perfect substrate for wooden surfaces and walls for finishing with SWAN solvent or waterbased enamel paints. It offers superior coverage and whiteness, smooth finish and easy sanding.

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  • Waterbased – environmentally and user friendly
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent coverage
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy sanding
  • Lead free


  • It is ideal for wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, cupboards etc.
  • It is suitable for walls and ceilings

Surface preparation:

  1. All surfaces should be sanded, dry and clean from dirt, grease, loose paint etc.
  2. For wooden surfaces all knots should be scraped and treated with wood preservative XYLOFARM. Then levelled with TEMPO wood putty or polyester putty PLASTIC METAL.
  3. Fill minor defects on walls with acrylic filler STANDARD, for large gaps use SUPER LITE filler. In order to smooth new surfaces, use ISOMIX WALL STUCCO.


  • Apply two coats of SWAN VELATURA AQUA on well-levelled surfaces. Dried surfaces should be sanded prior to application of the final coat.

Lead statement:

Warning: Treatment of old surfaces such as dry sanding, flame cutting and/or welding of the dry paint film will give rise to dust and/or hazardous fumes. Lead dust may be released. Lead is toxic. Exposure to lead dust can cause serious illness. Wet sanding/flatting should be used wherever possible. If exposure cannot be avoided by the provision of local exhaust ventilation, suitable respiratory protective equipment should be used.

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