Swan super acrylic paint

Excellent quality acrylic paint suitable for exterior use.

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SWAN SUPER ACRYLIC is high quality emulsion paint based on acrylic resins, suitable for exterior use. It offers very good protection from weather conditions, rain, direct sunlight and atmospheric pollution. It has very good coverage and bright finish with resistance to ageing. It presents excellent surface adhesion and working properties and gives a durable finish. Protects surfaces from carbonization and chalking and discourages mould and algae growth. It is suitable for concrete, plaster, bricks, wood and ondulated roof panels.


  • Offers very good protection from weather conditions, rain, direct sunlight and atmospheric pollution
  • Very good coverage
  • Bright white finish
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Great surface adhesion
  • Easy application
  • Long lasting
  • Protects surfaces from carbonization and chalking
  • Discourages mould and algae growth


  • It is suitable for exterior horizontal and vertical building surfaces.
  • Application on concrete, plaster, cementboard, plasterboard, bricks and wood.

Surface preparation:

  1. All surfaces should be dry and clean from dirt, grease, loose paint etc.
  2. New surfaces should be allowed to dry out completely.
  3. Fill minor defects with acrylic filler STANDARD. For large gaps – joints use elastomeric acrylic filler FLEX or super light filler LITE TECH. New surfaces may be smoothed with resin fortified acrylic surface filler ISOMIX WALL STUCCO.
  4. Porous surfaces as well as surfaces previously painted with low quality paint should be primed with waterbased acrylic primer ISOCRYL DUR AQUA or with solvent based primer ISOCRYL DUR.


  • Apply SWAN SUPER ACRYLIC PAINT with a roller, brush or airless spray in two coats diluted 10% with clean water.

WARNING: Treatment of old surfaces such as dry sanding, flame cutting and/or welding of the dry paint film will give rise to dust and/or hazardous fumes. Lead dust may be released. Lead is toxic. Exposure to lead dust can cause serious illness. Wet sanding/flatting should be used wherever possible. If exposure cannot be avoided by the provision of local exhaust ventilation, suitable respiratory protective equipment should be used.

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