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Gun & foam cleaner

GUN & FOAM CLEANER has specially been developed to clean the PU-foam applicator guns. It is used together with MEGAFOAM LOW EXPANSION GUN, MEGAFOAM LOW EXPANSION and MEGAFOAM. Α correct cleaning of the gun and proper use of the product will ensure an optimal function and prevent blockage of the applicator gun.

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  • Guarantees the longevity of the applicator gun
  • Cleans spills of uncured foam from surfaces and valves
  • Easy and effective application


  • PU-foam applicator guns cleaning
  • Cleaning of the valve and spray-nozzle of PU-foam canisters
  • Removal of uncured foam
  • Can be applied on emulsion and acrylic paints after a suitability test.
  • Not suitable for expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyethylene and materials affected by strong solvents such as nitro. Not suitable as well for surfaces with low adhesion properties such as EPS & XPS polystyrene.

Instructions for use:

Α. To use GUN & FOAM CLEANER as an aerosol spray

  1. Attach the red nozzle onto the valve.
  2. Spray on GUN & FOAM CLEANER to clean the valve and spray nozzle of the PU-foam canisters and to dissolve PU foams stains. Wipe away with a cloth.

Β. To clean the applicator gun

  1. Remove the gunfoam canister. Use the GUN & FOAM CLEANER as an aerosol spray. Spray on GUN & FOAM CLEANER to clean the valve of the gunfoam canister.
  2. Pull the trigger to depressurize the gun.
  3. Spray GUN & FOAM CLEANER onto the adaptor of the gun to clean off the remaining foam stains.
  4. Unclip the red nozzle and screw the GUN & FOAM CLEANER canister onto the applicator gun and turn upside down. Pull the trigger of the gun for a few seconds.
  5. Let the GUN & FOAM CLEANER activate and shake gun with canister on top for 10 seconds.
  6. Repeat the action until only the clear solvent of the cleaner is visibly dispensed. Pay particular attention to the thread and valve area.
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