CL 17 oxy clean

Concentrated cleaner suitable for ceramic tiles, tile grouts, stones.

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OXY CLEAN CL 17 is extra strong concentrated cleaner suitable for ceramic tiles, tile grouts, natural and artificial stones. Removes fast, easily and effectively inorganic deposits such as cement, plaster, joint fillers etc. Cleans accumulated dirt from ageing, pollution, rain and frequent use. Removes persistent stains from oil, coffee, rust, paint etc. Restores the original appearance of surface applied. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.


  • Instant action
  • Very effective with stagnant stains
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Restores the original appearance of surfaces
  • Exterior and interior use


OXY CLEAN CL 17 is suitable for:

  • All types of absorptive and non-absorptive ceramic tiles such as cotto, terracotta, glazed and enameled tiles, pedestrian and garden cement tiles etc.
  • Cement based tile grouts. Restores the original colour of the grout.
  • Most types of natural stones such as Pilion and Karystos slates, building stones, decorative stones etc.
  • Most types of artificial stones.
  • Unpolished mosaic and cement floors
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces such as verandas, yards, garden patios, pedestrians, windowsills, building facades etc.
  • It is suitable for interior and exterior use

CL 17 OXY CLEAN is highly recommended prior to the application of waterproofing and protection material WATER BLOCK.

Instructions for use:

  • CL 17 OXY CLEAN is an extra strong cleaner. Ιt is advisable to wear protective glasses and gloves.
  • Plants, metal and porcelain surfaces must be carefully covered with plastic protection prior to application in order to avoid corrosion from vapours.
  • Apply CL 17 OXY CLEAN on the surface and rub with a stiff brush. Allow soaking for 5 - 10 minutes. Do not allow the product to dry, brush occasionally.
  • Remove the product from the surface with plenty of water, either wiping or rinsing.
  • For persistent stains, repeat this process with longer working times and brushing.
  • In case of light deposits, CL 17 OXY CLEAN can be diluted up to 20% with water.


  • Due to the wide variety of substrates, a compatibility test is recommended in an inconspicuous spot prior to full scale application, in order to avoid rare circumstances of corrosion and staining.
  • Allow 20 days after tiling and grouting before applying the product.
  • CL 17 OXY CLEAN is not suitable for limestone, marble, decorative stones and sanitary ware.
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